Frequently Asked Questions – Windows and Glass, Mirrors and More…

Why won't my window stay up?

There are spring loaded balance rods in the sides of the window that hold the window up. With use, the ropes and pulleys wear and eventually fail. In older windows, the spring itself will fail, or if you you have the wood windows from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s with exposed ropes and pulleys, the rope will break. We can repair all of these types of balance mechanisms.

Why is there staining and condensation in my windows?

When the seal between the two glass panes fails, humid air is drawn into the glass unit and condenses on the inside of the window.  This condensation is what causes the staining on the glass.  We can replace the old insulated glass with a new unit that we warranty for 10 years against this type of seal failure.

What are the black dots or streaks on my mirror?

Those spots and streaks are the silvering on the mirror going bad.  This is caused by many things including soaps from hand washing, incorrect adhesive between the wall and the mirror, and we’ve even seen the chlorine in swimming pools eat away at the silvering on adjacent fitness rooms.

Should I replace my window or have it repaired?

In most cases windows can be repaired.  However, windows need to be replaced when:

  1. The frame is damaged beyond repair.  This can be a frame that was bent to the point where we cannot straighten it enough to replace the glass, when a wood window has moderate to severe rot, or if the track the window or patio door rolls on is extremely worn from failed rollers.
  2. Part of the window is missing.  For example, when a window glass is broken, rather than throwing only the glass away, the frame for the glass is thrown away as well.
  3. If the window has only single pane glass, it is very beneficial to replace the window, or add a storm window to the exterior, although not necessary.  Energy savings are substantial when replacing single pane windows with those that have insulated glass.  This is especially true for the old steel windows.

Why won't my patio door open easily?

Most likely the rollers have gone bad.  It is a simple fix that can save you from later having to replace the entire door because of track damage.

Will tinting my windows help with the heat in the summer?

Yes, as well as blocking most UV rays.  But there are some things to consider first.  Tinting can cause early seal failure from the increased heat on the inside pane of window glass.  It can also cause the window to crack.  Most good tinting companies have insurance to pay to have these windows replaced at little to no cost for the home owner.  Any window tint film applied to new glass voids the warranty through us.  To retain the 10 year seal warranty on new glass, it can be ordered with tinted glass.